Tour: Everything Must Go 20th Anniversary
Voorprogramma: Sleepers’ Reign

1. Elvis Impersonator: Blackpool Pier (album Everything Must Go)
2. A Design for Life (album Everything Must Go)
3. Kevin Carter (album Everything Must Go)
4. Enola/Alone (album Everything Must Go)
5. Everything Must Go (album Everything Must Go)
6. Small Black Flowers That Grow in the Sky (acoustic) (album Everything Must Go)
7. The Girl Who Wanted to be God (album Everything Must Go)
8. Removables (album Everything Must Go)
9. Australia (album Everything Must Go)
10. Interiors (Song for Willem de Kooning) (album Everything Must Go)
11. Further Away (album Everything Must Go)
12. No Surface All Feeling (album Everything Must Go)
13. Suicide is Painless (acoustic) (Theme from MASH) (J. Mandel cover) (stand alone single)
14. Motorcycle Emptiness (album Generation Terrorists)
15. Walk Me to the Bridge (album Futurology)
16. Your Love Alone is Not Enough (album Send Away the Tigers)
17. Ocean Spray (album Know Your Enemy)
18. Nat West-Barclays-Midlands-Lloyds (album Generation Terrorists)
19. You Stole the Sun From My Heart (album This is My Truth Tell Me Yours)
20. Roses in the Hospital (album Gold Against the Soul)
21. You’re Tender and You’re Tired (album This is My Truth Tell Me Yours)
22. You Love Us (album Generation Terrorists)
23. If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next (album This is My Truth Tell Me Yours)









Everything Must GoGeneration TerroristsKnow Your EnemySend Away the TigersGold Against the SoulThis is My TruthFuturology

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